Dirt utilize Quail For the Neighborhood

Dirt utilize Quail For the Neighborhood

Dirt utilize Quail For the Neighborhood.

Benefits of Raising Quail breeding quail in addition to the business and become a business, there are many benefits that we can get to the surrounding environment. Suppose for naturally fertilizing plants in the back of our house, fertilizing agricultural land, and many more.
            Quail excrement which is derived from quail can be utilized for example by planting vegetables - vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, kale, eggplant and many more.
It's easy to stay we just take advantage of the rest of the vegetables we suppose chili drying and in the scatter behind the house. or kale by making petty land to put the rest of the spinach stems for planting.
for fertilizer alone we can take advantage of quail dung available. In addition to saving the cost of buying fertilizer, we can also save money by cooking our own crops we have planted.
           Do not need a large area there are at least land measuring 2 x 2 meters which is devoted to planting crops or vegetables in the back of our house.
This adaah example chilli plants that inadvertently grown and I give a little bit of dirt quail natural fertilizer.

Dirt utilize Quail For the Neighborhood

How would you be interested? to start a business raising quail and use the land around us?

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