How to Make Quail egg incubator

How to Make Quail egg incubator

How to Make Quail egg incubator.

Tips Machine quail egg incubator.
First Steps Making Cage as follows: 

- Cages measuring 2 x 1 meters
- Consists of 3 bulkhead or divided into 3 parts
- Consists of 9 pieces light bulb 60-70 watts masing2 bulkhead / part consists of three pieces of the bulb
- Temperature gauge in the cage
- Consisting of 2 floors, the top floor is devoted to hatching eggs and downstairs for quail chicks that have hatched.

The following tips - tips that you should know

provide water points below aims to warm eggs from the lamp can be uneven, good for hatching temperature around 37-39 degrees Celsius.

2x 1 meter sized enclosure consists of dingding of plywood, try egg incubator located in a special room with good air circulation so that our aims is easier to check on the eggs to be hatched.

- The second floor (Points laying quail chicks that have hatched)

The second floor consists of a place / drinking water container quail and 1 light bulb which aims to maintain the temperature of quail chicks to keep them warm. the same as this part of the second incubator which aims to give the bulkhead quail with each other more regularly and reduce the risk of death due to jostle insistence.

Now we talk of capital to make the egg incubator, with papan2 made of plywood with a capital buffer should we exit the Area 500 thousand.

Sized incubator can accommodate up to 2x 1 750-1000 eggs, it - it is important to note that checks the temperature and the warmth of the eggs along with the newly hatched quail chicks itself. Try to keep the lights on in the incubator is not dead. and feeding chicks quail special with special attention too. bit troublesome but easily passable.

Quail eggs will hatch about 3 weeks later, with a good temperature will maximize the production of hatching eggs quail itself.

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