How To Raise Quail

How To Raise Quail

By way of breeding quail Easy and Profitable For Beginners.

The first step to Enterprise Raising Quail is the selection of good breeding.
things - things that need to be noticed for the selection of the quail farm as follows:

- Location away from residential areas
- Ranch location away from the plague
- Ensure Far from the flood region
- The location was strategic for egg marketing itself

To manufacture the first home - all have to note - as follows:
How To Raise Quail

- Selection of materials for the manufacture of the enclosure itself
- circulation or good air flow
- sewerage
- where the placement of food and drink for the workers quail itself

Cages for quail breeders measuring 2 x 0.5 meters with five floors and each floor is given in the form of plywood bulkhead to accommodate dirt and simplify the sewage itself. For the walls in the cage made of wire netting gunakanan for air circulation in the enclosure. kandnag foot addition that elevate the bottom prevents quail exposed to water / moisture.

Placement of the feed must also be considered in the hole where the incoming head of the quail so they can freely take a meal in the feed.

While the placement of drinks put beside each one floor.
quail drinking water changes once that is done 1 day morning / afternoon.
Feeding was done just as the turn of the drinking water in the quail.

How To Raise Quail

For cleaning the quail manure done every 3 days, practical plywood that we put on the bulkhead between one another floor unplug and clean using a broom.
Quail excrement is also a business opportunity for every 1 small sack of dirt appreciated $ 2.

How To Raise Quail

Each one contains about 30 -50 floors adult quail each bulkhead, if we keep our adult quail 1000th Area will produce 300 to 400 eggs every 1 day. and requires about 4 -5 enclosure with 4 floors.

for the sale of quail eggs are now valued at about 20 thousand per 1 kilogram of eggs, 1000 resulted in a 7.5 kilogram adult quail eggs a day.

For the selection of a place I recommend for home - simple home consists of the support and tile to prevent rainwater, or can memanfaankan yard behind the house as much as possible.

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