How to Caring Quail


How to Take Care Quail eggs
Caring for quail Good. How does maintaining good health of our pet quail?
The question may be on your mind, as a beginner in business quail course you'll need a lot of information about the business development of quail.
well here I will share a few tips for you that I have learned naturally:

    1. Check and maintain the cleanliness of the cage

          Net enclosure will create a more healthy quail if healthy then the quail egg production would be maximized. cleaning the cage can be done by cleaning the bottom of / under the enclosure from dirt rontokan quail. how to use a broom stick or other tool.

     2. Clean dirt Diligent quail

        Quail dirt that accumulates could cause stuffy in the cage, but it could invite various diseases in quail. Cleaning dirt quail can be done in 3 days one time, or you can read my previous article Starting a profitable business quail, in my previous article I have given tips of making good cage.

       3. Vaccine

      For the prevention of disease should be sprayed with cost Rp. 80,000 IDR for 1000 tail quail eggs includes the cost of the vaccine and services penyemprotanya.

      4. Keeping the warmth inside the cage

        To keep the warmth of the cage can use a light bulb that is inserted in the cage, now at this stage you can measure yourself the warmth of the cage. because of the age difference quail could affect the warmth fit for quail. for quail early age / puppies should not be too hot, usually given three 70 watt lamp for 2x 0.5-meter-sized cage. light enough for adult quail 1 30-40 watts for a cage measuring 1.5 x 0.5 meters.

5. Check the availability of food and beverage quail

      Previously I also wrote an article about Tips for Choosing a Good Feed For quail to inform excellent food for your livestock quail, We recommend that you avoid running out of stock of food in the cage quail, and do not forget to check the availability of drinks quail. Giving makanana / drinks quail can be done 1 day once ie in the evening / morning, if quail hunger can lead to a reduction of production or even quail can matii. so do check and provision of food and drink quail regularly.

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