Livestock Business Opportunities Quail Eggs

Livestock Business Opportunities Quail Eggs

Livestock Business Opportunities Quail Eggs

This time I will discuss how the business opportunities on offer in the production or breeding quail eggs.

Suppose we would raise 1000 quails cage capital to be issued 3 levels of Rp. 1, 5 million multiplied by 2 cages. egg incubator measuring 2 x 1 meters with a capital of USD Area. 500 thousand. Total Area 3 -4 million plus an additional form of electric lights, nails and lain2.
For expenses to the cost of feed and bran pur Area hefty Rp. 750 thousand for 10 days.

- Incoming (Revenue)

Quail tail 1000 can produce 600 eggs every day or the range of 7.5 kilogram per day,
This is the breakdown of expenditure and income of my own home production and income Nearby Rp.110.0000 thousand quail eggs per day and the price per kilo of its Rp. 20,000. , it was up and down depending on the market or consumer interest quail eggs themselves. make sure before starting a business is no business opportunities around your home.
If in the average weekly earnings Area Rp. 400,000 net. Remember depends on how you take care of the egg production and egg high interest of consumers themselves.
the above costs have not been in total sales of excrement quail that cost Rp. 15.0000 perkarungnya or could be more depending on the location of each - each.

This results from the business of cattle dung quail that I keep.

Tips from me, diligent in your business, because the business that you live there will definitely be a failure it is a process that led to success.

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may be useful.

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