How to Increase Productivity quail

How to Increase Productivity of Laying quail. Basically quail are ordinary birds that live in the woods or in their natural habitat. along with the times these birds are now in use as a step to start a business or a business. in effort must not be far from the capital, profit and loss, we want of course is how to get maximum results.
how to start a business itself? the same as the previous article I wrote about How to Start a Business quail. and this time will my tips of his tips.

1. Quality Seeds

quality seed is one of the most important factors in this effort because the seeds are good certainly will produce a quality product, previously I also wrote an article about the type Quail seed, start searching for information on the type of quail whatever, good for keep, and farmed to start this business.

2. Age Quail

Quail Age is also a factor that can affect the productivity of quail layer, because the older quail its declining productivity, preferably quail that have reached the maximum age in the regeneration or in peremajakan with myang young quail production order can also be maximized.

3. Caring Quail

Quail healthy will definitely improve productivity, what if quail sick? of course, will lower productivity results, see also my article on How to Caring Quail or type Disease and its Prevention. a good way to increase the production of quail is also taking care of quail cage to take care of properly, do not get sick quail because it can decrease productivity. cleaning the cage, vaccine, cleaning quail droppings must be frequent - often guarded and cared for.

Similarly, information about How to Increase Productivity Laying quail, may be useful.

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