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Type - Type of Disease At Quail And How to prevent it. This time I will share about the type - the type of disease in quail and how to prevent it, the following is the information I got from fanspage on facebook.

1. Inflammatory bowel disease (Quail enteritis)
Cause: The anaerobic bacteria that form spores and attack the intestines, causing inflammation of the intestine.
Symptoms: Quail seemed listless, eyes closed, fur looks dull, dirt form spores and attack the intestines, causing inflammation of the intestine.
Pengendalianya: More attention to maintenance in cages and on birds, quail and separate the healthy and sick.

2. Tatelo (NCD / New Casstle Diseae)
Symptoms: quail difficult breathing, cough - coughing, sneezing, snoring sounds arise, lethargic, sleepy eyes, sometimes bloody, greenish watery stools, which is in the know of this phenomenon is turning heads - not distort menetu and paralyzed.
Control: Maintain cleanliness and cleaning equipment are exposed to the virus, quail that died immediately in the fuel / discarded. and prevent the guests who get into the cage, try to be sterile.

3. Dirt Lime / White (pullorum)
Cause: bacteria Salmonella pullorum is a contagious disease.
Symptoms: white colored stools, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, feathers and wings hanging shrivel.
Control: Just like totelo diseases, hygiene must be on guard and avoid guests who get into the cage.

4. Bloody stools (Coccidiosis)
Symptoms: bloody stools and mencre, decreased appetite, dull hair, shivering.
Control: Maintain cleanliness and litter remains dry. or by Tetra gave Chlorine in the mouth, noxal, trident Zuco tablet dissolved into drinking water.

5. Smallpox Poultry (Fowl Pox)
Cause: The poxviruses are attacking the nation's poultry of all ages and all types of quail.
Symptoms: Arise Kopeng-Kopeng on the hairless, seoerti wattles, feet, mouth and farnik which if released would bleed.
Control: Vaccine diphtheria and memisakan quail infected.

6. Quail Bronchitis
Cause: Quail Bronchitis Virus is highly contagious.
Symptoms: Quail looked lethargic, dull hair, shaking, coughing and sneezing, eye and nose sometimes mucus, sertas kdangkala head and neck slightly twisted.
Control: Feeding nutritious and good sanitation.

7. Aspergillosis
Cause: The fungus Aspergillus fumigatus.
Symptoms: Quail experiencing respiratory problems, the eye is formed layers resemble cheese, drowsiness and decreased appetite.
Control: Improving sanitation and environment.

8. Worms
Cause: Poor sanitation.
Symptoms: Quail looks thin, lethargic and weak.
Control: cleaning cages and feeding both good.

9. Snot / Coryza
Is a disease that attacks the eyes, quail bterkena this disease eyes will be red and swollen and slimy. this disease is a major disease quail are easily transmitted, kara difficult to treat should take preventive use of vaccines CDR / coryza active or in active, preferably if quail are already infected with diseases such as discarded, although there are treatments through injection esp but at a great price.

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