Vitamin In The Quail Eggs


Vitamin In The Quail Eggs, in addition to be a business opportunity quail eggs are also many health benefits, because a lot of vitamins contained in this tiny eggs. According to the site inside the egg there is the content of 0143 mg of vitamin B6, vitamin B12 are 1:58 mg, aebesar 543 IU of vitamin A, vitamin E by 1, 08 mg, and vitamin K at 0.3 mg.

While the content of quail eggs are large in the quotation of is a comparison of the vitamin content of chicken eggs and quail eggs on. The content of the egg only has particularly vitamin B1 is 50 mg, whereas the content of the quail egg is 140 vitamin B1, vitamin A inside the quail egg is 2 times the amount of vitamin A that exist in chicken eggs, and also just as vitamin A , vitamin B2 on quail eggs 2 times larger than the content of B2 contained in chicken eggs.

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