15 Characterize Nice Chicken

Characterize Chicken Fighters That Good.

Characterize Chicken Fighters That Good.

Because often made for the event the fighter, quality chicken was being sought by the fighter chickens because chickens are fighters that quality has many advantages than usual fighting cock.  Chicken featured fighter will be greater chances of winning the event the fighter chicken, already you how characterize fighter chicken well? And the following traits - traits featured chicken:

1. Thick eyebrows and thick his skull visible.
2. Has an especially shiny feathers in the wings and tail.
3. Chicken legs has rough scales usually a square or round.
4. Having head-like betel nuts.
5. Nostrils little further ahead.
6. Jari small feet and long, his arrangement of blooms.
7. Have a clear eye, slanting and entered into.
8. If you stand upright stance will not bend.
9. His face was rough and thick skin, the color will be red.
10. Part having a large and curved beraur from the nose to the direction of advance.
11. Clever vital instrument hitting the opponent fighter.
12. Having a hard and accurate punches.
13. Chicken fighting spirit high.
14. Not Easy Tired.
15. Have a great fighting instinct.

A few tips from me about Characterize Chicken the Good, may be useful.

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