Disease in Rabbits.


Disease in Rabbits.


Continued success for the reader breeders great, for the umpteenth time we met after a long infrequent updates writer preoccupied with the activities of the real world this time the authors take time to share other ways of raising that might serve as a reference for the reader to start a business, this time I will discuss rabbit, cute animal famous for many, previously read other authors articles about how Hare Raising Successful, on this occasion the author will write about how to see a disease in rabbits by type kotoranya, and follows an explanation.

A. rabbit droppings are round, brown to black, dry and odorless.

This debris is what signifies a rabbit in a healthy condition, and characterizes the dirt you talah feeding is good for your pet rabbit.

B. The dirt is very hard and dry with a size smaller than usual.

Shit like this that signifies rabbit your pet less fiber in the provision pakanya, therefore the system pencernaanya slowed and this condition we call the constipation in the rabbit on its physical characteristics belly rabbit looks like a bulge and if dirama on the abdomen will feel very hard, dirt that are small due to the appetite of rabbits declined and is not comparable to the dirt that will be issued, condition just as it is if allowed to continue without treatment it will be fatal, rabbit droppings at the stage of the fatal will issue like jelly, and can cause death in rabbits, the solution is that we should give the intake of feed containing fiber and immediately sort of rabbit feed to be varied to arouse the appetite of rabbits again.

C. Liquid (Diarrhoea).

Shit like this are usually greenish and smells, usually rabbits susceptible to diarrhea is the rabbit who is 3 months old and under, diarrheal disease in rabbits caused by feeding too much water and gas or in plants that contain lots of cavities and gum can also be penyebap occurrence of diarrhea in rabbits, in which all three diseases is very difficult to cure, the dirt that is liquid contaminates rabbit fur you should be diligent in cleaning the rabbit and kandangn nya.dan the solution is to stop feeding that contain lots of water and gas and feed that causes diarrhea in rabbits, rabbits with diarrhea may also be diarrhea medication for humans for example Diapet, but there is no way the traditional form of feeding shoots young guava besides some rabbit breeders also provides hay / withered for rabbits to reduce diarrhea, you also can give you a massage use eucalyptus oil with the garlic in a massage at Baian rabbit stomach while the other uses the herb turmeric juice were given injections but do not use a needle or pipette / straw is inserted into the mouth of the rabbit.

A few of my articles about Types of Disease in Rabbits and the cure, I hope useful yes.

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