How to Caring of Chickens

How to Caring of Chickens The Good,

     The need for care in chickens because chickens this one special is chicken, because the selling price is very high in quality chicken chicken This one is also a chicken that is often used to contest the complaint. Good treatment which starts from the feeding well, read my article on 15 Characterize nice chicken, the other tips are often clean the chicken coop to avoid damp and rundown, filthy cages for a breeding place of various diseases.

     Tips that both the chicken bathed in lukewarm water up to 3 times a day, take warm water you about - about warm as lukewarm, not too hot as it can damage the skin of chicken, and another mix of anti-septic to keep the chicken skin stays healthy, you can also mencapurkan shampoo and rubbed smooth the feathers, do not let you dub it also can damage the feathers of chickens. after such treatment should not be too frequent at cock fights.

     Drug Chicken Naturally, if the chicken that we keep sick I love her tips are drug delivery naturally, Take onion 3 cloves + kerosene and chicken feed, the way of making it is the first onion (pounded) then stir onion dudah in mashed together with further feed dip it into kerosene and bribe it into the chicken. easy does not it?

A few tips on How to Caring of Chickens And Natural Medicine. may be useful.

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