How to Caring Rabbits To Stay Healthy

How to caring of Rabbits To Stay Healthy.

How to caring of Rabbits To Stay Healthy.

Hello brother breeders all, with the cute rabbits in previous articles I have made the article How To Find Disease in Rabbits Under his stools. nah this time the writer will share how we care and health care that rabbits rabbit breeding business we run well and smoothly.

The importance of maintaining the health of the rabbit is one of the factors of how his future our efforts will continue many diseases that often haunt the rabbit breeders and you can read an explanation in the article above. Okay back to the topic, there are several factors that must be to note that the rabbit we stay healthy, and as for the following factors factors:

1. Cleanliness cage

Why is that, because the cage is the house where the rabbit activity like home to us humans should be clean and well maintained, rabbit cages should be maintained kebersihanya because rabbits excrete the barn where the rabbits eat sleep and so forth, diligent diligent cleaning the cage using a broom to remove the remaining residual dirt in the cages, and wipe the bottom of the rabbit cage using a broom, but should not be discarded, because the dirt that falls and leftover food scraps can be used for fertilizer plants.

2. Cleanliness rabbit.

Almost equal to the number one, clean the rabbits is important because to remove dirt on the body of a rabbit, it was fairly easy to prepare membersihkanya bucket and shampoo and wash rabbits using the shampoo water. rabbit body hygiene factors can also impact the ongoing efforts of our rabbits, is fear for the rest of the rest of the dirt on the inedible rabbit and make the rabbits become unhealthy.

3. Diet.

Diet here is a way and a good time provide good forage for rabbits given meal 2x a day for rabbits the morning and afternoon.

4. Food.

The food in the rabbit should not be allowed that contains gas and water, yesterday I've written and explain it in this food cause rabbit Why sick? , Give the rabbit with the foods that contain enough fiber, and then make a bulkhead respectively - masding 50 cm x 50 cm so that the rabbit is not fighting over food.

Thus the explanation of How to Take Care of the Rabbit, I hope useful.

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