Successful Way of Raising Chickens

How To Be Successful Raise Chicken
How Raise Chicken. 

If Previously I have written articles all about quail among other way Quail Farming Profitable, and so this time I'll start writing articles How Livestock to be made in business opportunities.
in other words the use of the business opportunities in the starting field of animal husbandry, whatever you want to start from the field of animal husbandry which.

Already known is a chicken  chicken special because it has many advantages compared to usual chicken, ranging from body, eggs, and of course the special price.
In this article I will guide you on how to How Chicken Farming Good.
And here is his explanation:

- The first Election Good Parent.
- Second Starting was looking for a good stud in terms of fighting the body, feathers, and beak.
- Make Cages for caregivers 1x1 meters for every 1 rooster.
- Provide a Good Feed for chickens
- Make it a natural cage, because chicken mating natural result will be better than at home usually (remember this marriage among males and chicken breeders featured)
- Make a cage for chicks preferably before marriage because there will be places in erami after egg hatch.

Keep in mind also that the chicken  not inbred siblings (Parent of the same), but the marriage of Parent (derivative 1) and Children (derivative 2) still be permitted as well as the Parent (derivative 1) and grandson (Derivative 3) also still allowed.

A few Tips from Me about How Good Chicken Farming, How to Choose a Good breeders, Cara Livestock. May be beneficial.

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