Things to Avoid When Raising quail

Things to Avoid When Raising quail

Things to Avoid When Raising quail.

Back again discusses about the world of quail that this time I will share are things - things to avoid when starting a business quail egg, if in a previous article I wrote about Tips to Maintaining Healthy Quail and Related Articles on How to Increase Production of Quail Eggs order can increase egg production puyh fullest. on this occasion you need to know that there are also things - things that can inhibit the production of quail eggs.

Some Things You Must Avoid When Raising Quail eggs because it - it can reduce the number of eggs produced, of course, will also hamper revenue in our efforts. Therefore you should note - the following:

1. Do not Quail Frequent Hunger

Cause you are the quail was often hungry feeding less regularly and you teralu save feed on quail, should not be a quail, until he was often hungry.

2. Motherhouse Too Dark

We recommend that you use lights on day and night, because to maintain the temperature of quail also like to be a bright light.

3. Avoid Noise

Keep our livestock from the noise, why? , Because it can make us become stressed quail and quail itself in lower productivity.

4. Cage Quail The Dirty

Quail dirty cages can lead to many illnesses, dirty Karana is a nest of a disease, you should do the cleaning cages regularly, and also clean the dirt from quail regularly.

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